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Thanks, Paul.

Paul Krombholz wrote:
>Subject: Re: My current thinking on soils (subject to change)
>The current thread (or is it a fuse?) on aquatic soils prompted me to
>summarize my current thinking, which is subject to change if I find out
>anything different in the future.
>I make "soil soup"  from ordinary topsoil, gathered from a nearby woods,
>which I mix with water until it is like thick soup and then filter through
>a rice strainer. ...<snip> 

>Happy New Year, everyone!

Paul, thank you for a very nice, simple soil substrate article. It's the
clearest thing that's been posted here. I do the aquatic plant thing for
*fun* and to have a beautiful thing in my living room and just having to
think about all that CEC stuff is enough to make one's head ache. <g> For
people who need to know how every molecule in their aquarium interacts with
the next one that stuff is fine but your article was just my cup of tea.
Thanks! and a Happy New Year to you! 

And BTW, after reading this I just *might* consider putting soil in my next
tank. :)

Good luck relocating your plants.
in rainy Vancouver