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Re: deformed growth

Simone was wondering about a calcium or boron deficiency.
You could test your tap water for hardness or phone up
your water authority for a breakdown. If you have enough
calcium which seems likely, try adding a little boron in
the form of boric acid., H3BO3, maybe a fifth as much by
weight as iron.

>>I have been stumped by this problem for quite some time. New growth is 
>>deformed asymmetrical and sometimes stunted most apparent in fast growing 
>>species under higher light. (old leaves are dropping prematurely as well)
>>The following varieties seem to be most affected:
>> -Hygro corymbosa, siamensis, polysperma
>>-Ludwigia arcuata, glandulosa
>>-Mayaca and rotala wallichii.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca