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Madagascar Lace

I have had several Madagascar Lace plants. The one I have now, I have had for
about seven years. I got it from Delaware Aquatic Imports, and it goes into
and out of dormancy all by itself, and quite reliably. 

At the moment, it is growing rapidly, and each leaf is about four inches wide
and almost ten inches long.

I suspect that some hybridizing has occurred in the development of "strains"
of the Madagascar Lace Plant, and the ones we now get are really quite easy to
grow. I say that, because I am in NO way representative of the technically
adroit folks on this List!! I have CO2 and special lights and substrates "in
progress," but none of them are actually in any of my tanks yet. Incidentally
the tank with the Lace Plant has almost no algae problems. No, I do NOT know
why.  But, I am not complaining!! :-)

The point, not to belabor it further, is that currently available Madagascar
Lace Plants are often very easy to grow. 


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