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Calcium source.

Hi there,
            I hope that somebody can give me some suggestions about this

I have a good going planted tank, and in it I have a little school of
snails. I cannot get them to grow very big and they get just to breeding
size when they die and live some eggs to repopulate  the tank. What I read
in the archives about calcium is that snails can easily use all the calcium
in the water and take the plants to have calcium deficiency symptoms. That
is what, I think, my plants have now. The plants are growing smaller leaves
and the edge of some leaves of my higrophila polisperna (spelling?) are
Snails died, leaves grew smaller: I added calcium carbonate but I don't
want to take the hardness too far from 3-4 what is a good source of
calcium instead of that? Finding it should be easy.

Thanks a lot
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)