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a few questions

I came across some Marsilea recently.  I've always wanted it, so I bought 
it, despite the fact that it was in terrible shape.  I've had it for a 
couple (maybe 3?) weeks now, and pretty much all of the original leaves 
have fallen off.  The bare stems are still in place, and new leaves are 
growing in, but on very short stalks -- 2 cm instead of 15 cm.

Can I trim the old stems back?  They look pretty hideous.  Also, can 
Marsilea be grown attached like Java fern, or does it need to be rooted 
in the substrate?  I've assumed the latter.  I've also assumed that the 
plants will probably get back to their 15 cm height, but is there some 
light level where it won't happen?  I kinda like the short little guys.

On to other things...

I've had C. balansae (or whatever the appropriate name is now) for 
several years.  It grows long leaves (18 inches or so) but rarely 
supports more than two fully developed leaves on one plant.  Most of the 
pictures I've seen show that same sort of habit.  Is there something 
that can be done to get them to keep their leaves?  They grow fairly 
quickly, but for each new leaf the plants add, they drop an old one.

Any input appreciated.

Roger Miller