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Re: Algae Scubbers

Matthew T. Mason wrote:

>Does anyone know where I can read about algae scrubbers?  Or does anyone
>know the general features, performance, idea, complexity, success that
>others have had?  Thanks.  I am considering trying it as an experimental
>thing on one of my tanks.

I think the standard work on algae scrubbers is Adey and Loveland's 
"Dynamic Aquaria" published by Academic Press, ISBN 0-12-143790-2. It's a 
long, detailed book with a lot more buried in it than just algae 
scrubbers, and I think it's well worth while reading for any really 
serious aquarist.

I really don't see a need for algae scrubbers in a heavily planted tank, 
however. The plants perform the same function as the algae in the 
scrubber do. In fact, you could call a plant tank a "plant scrubber" and 
they actually run extremely well as filters without the aid of anything 
else for filtration purposes. Name any other filter you can expose on 
display in your living room and expect to gather compliments (g).

David Aiken