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Plants whilting and Sword deteriorating - Need help

     To anyone who can help:
     I have had the tank setup for 2 months now.  Its a 25 gal with 2 20W 
     tubes (triton and Ultra penn plex).  Subrstrate is a combo of kitty 
     litter (Hartz pH 5 and laterite) with 3" of sand/gravel above.  Tank 
     temp is 82 degrees, pH 6.7, kH 2, gH 2.  I am using the yeast CO2 
     injection method.  
     Several of the Ludwigia have started to deteriorate.  The leaves 
     thinned out and fell off!!.  The sword has put out new leaves, but 
     instead of the nice oval shape, they are emergine long and thin with 
     brownish colored veins visible.  I am adding iron and trace minerals 
     to the water and initally used some tetra tablets placed at the roots 
     of the plants.
     Their just seems to be little lush green growth going on.  Can anyone