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Kim's SAE baby (was Re: Heteranthera z.)

> From: "K. A. Bryant" <smskahj at netacc_net>
> Subject: Heteranthera zosterifolia bloom
> BTW: This is my first open top tank (a 125 gallon).  About a week ago I
> experienced the downside when I found my missing seventh SAE on the floor
> behind the tank. Tonight, however, I discovered that I still have seven SAEs
> (at least).  Apparently, they spawned.  It must have been some time ago
> since the young SAE I saw was almost an inch long.  Wish I had noticed; I'd
> have put sponges over the filter intakes at least.

please say that again - SAE babies?  Did you know that you are just the
second person who reports having bred SAEs on the net?  Please tell
us more!  Tank size is that 125g, ok?  But water quality, feeding,
who else lives in that tank, how big the SAEs are, have you been able
to sex them and if yes, how many males and females - and what
on earth did you do to them to make them spawn????

Congratulations from Liisa