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Re: Plants whilting and Sword deteriorating - Need help

Karen Randall wrote:

>>    Tank temp is 82 degrees
>That's higher than it should be unless you are keeping Discus or Rams.  At
>that temp. you will need more light, more trace supplementation and more
>CO2 to maintain good growth.

Thanks for that comment - a useful piece of information for me at the 
moment. Here in "Sunny Queensland" in Australia (other hemisphere, 
heading into the height of summer), I actually struggle to keep 
temperatures below 82 degrees, and I can get them as high as 88-90 
_without_ the use of a heater if I don't watch it (and Brisbane is in 
_southern_ Queensland - I don't want to move north!). Open top tanks, 
fans blowing, and lots of evaporation are essential.

David Aiken