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Re: Dennerle algae control

Roger Miller covered a lot of the odd statements, but I want to jump on
this one:

>>Contrary to popular opinion, such high levels are unnatural for fish;
>>for most aquarium fish the oxygen level of their natural habitat is only
>>2-3 mg/l.

Two to three Mg/l of oxygen is 'way too low for most aquarium fish.  Even
Channel Catfish, which are tolerant of low oxygen and which are grown in
crowded conditions in ponds in Mississippi must have aeration when the
oxygen level falls to 5 mg/l. (Kosinski, Robert, 1993.  Fish Farm, A
Simulation of Commercial Aquaculture.  Benjamin Cummings )   Many aquarium
fish require higher levels, I am sure, and only a few can tolerate levels
of 2-3 mg/l.

Paul Krombholz, in pleasant, mostly sunny Jackson, Mississippi