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Re:Dennerle algae control

This is the point about Dennerle, Dupla and all the others that give a
method saying that is the best.

Try to follow your method watching what happens in your aquarium. If you
want to follow the Dennerle method follow it entirely it means that you
have to follow all the points reported in the section called "no
tendency to algal growth"(or something like that). If you miss some of
this points you will miss the goal.
Dennerle is right saying that an aquarium full of oxygen will create
problems reducing the chelated nutrients, but if you provide trace
elements as frequenly as they become useless you will have good results
as well. Anyway I think that you will never have 20-30 mg/l of oxygen in
your water.
Remember that if you reduce the light in a well established tank with no
algae than you will have an algae problem if you don't cahnge CO2 and
If you have algae in your tank is a problem of lighting CO2 levels and
unbalanced nutrients this is the main reason so you have to try your
method and your method will depend also on the plants you are going to
grow or on the grow rate you want to obtain.
I tried to follow the Dennerle points once and I ended with a big
failure. I was missing only one or two points of their "receipe".
Reading in the APD archves and e-mailing the subscribers will help you,
but your eyes will help you better than everybody. I have a beatifull
aquarium totally algae free now and I'm very happy with MY method.

Just my experience
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)