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solving algae problem


i am a beginner in setting up planted tanks.
i am hoping that others with experience in setting up these tanks could 
provide me with some help.

i have two 4' tanks which are planted. both has river gravel(2-3mm) 
bottom laced with fertilizer. One with florapol from JBL out in full sun 
(i live in Malaysia,near the equator) with water temp of 31 degrees 
Celcius.It is filled with Swords - big and small.

the other with 2 3' glo-lux tubes (i had 3 but one was removed as 
someone suggested my prob was due to high temp) Sera fertilizer, CO2 and 
temp of 28C.Mainly cryps, hygrophila, lilies.

I have one hell of a major algae problem in both tanks. Filamentous 
green algae, red, the spot on glass and water is also slightly green.
I can't seem to control the bloom.

I have flying foxes (3per tank) but it doesn't seem to do any good. 
Can't get my hands on SAEs or the shrimps that eat algae.
i am trying frequent water changes but i am not sure if it would help or 

Please advice


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