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Is it BG Algae???

> Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 08:41:41 -0500 (EST)
> From: Jeff Dietsch <dietsch at voicenet_com>
> I am wondering if this slim[e] algae is BG or what. 

Sounds like BGA more than what.

> At first I thought it was not BG for two reasons, 
> 1) I had heard that increased circulation inhibits it a bit, 
> 2) that higher O2 levels also seem to slow it down.

Our trickle filter skimmer boxes seem to collect it.  We'll see small
sheets along the rear of the box where water flow is not too high.  It
will also grow in the siphon tube where the flow (and light) is very
high. Our water has high O2 levels.  

Also, we get some BGA along the glass below the gravel. No circulation
and probably low O2 (no heating coils nearby).  But probably some
light getting channeled in via the front glass.  It does seem more
prominent in the acrylic tanks than the glass tanks -- better light

It also exists at low levels around the floating plants (based on
smell).  BGA can fix atmospheric N2, so being in high light at the
surface seems a reasonable environment for it. 

I heard a theory that BGA is everywhere but is usually dormant.  It
springs to life when conditions are right. It forms colonies (sheets)
where food is abundant. Filter tubes concentrate the food source.

> Again I am not overly worried about it, but am wondering if it may
> lead to a BG outbreak in the tank if something goes wrong?

Don't turn your back on it!