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Is it BG Algae???

Hello all,
   I am wondering if this slim algae is BG or what.  I have 2 Aquaclear 300s
on my 90, and they are in full view of my NO flor lighting.  After a month
of operations I noticed this Slim algae on the output of the filters, in
fact it is also somewhat on the top of the sponge inside the filter.  There
really is none in the tank itself so I am not overly concerned about it,
*God I shouldn't have said that:)".  Every once and a while I remove it when
I turn off the filter flow.  It is very slimy and a dark green, and it is
quite slippery when you pull it off the filter in almost a whole sheet:)
The few pieces that have managed to fall into the tank may have a blue tint,
but the layer is so thick it is hard to tell.  At first I thought it was not
BG for two reasons, 1) I had heard that increased circulation inhibits it a
bit, and 2) that higher O2 levels also seem to slow it down.  But then I was
thinking that those may be the same point and since the output of the filter
is post bio-filtered it may be low in O2.  Again I am not overly worried
about it, but am wondering if it may lead to a BG outbreak in the tank if
something goes wrong?