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Is it BG Algae???

Subject: >Hello all,
>   I am wondering if this slim algae is BG or what.  I have 2 Aquaclear 300s
>on my 90, and they are in full view of my NO flor lighting.  After a month
>of operations I noticed this Slim algae on the output of the filters, in
>fact it is also somewhat on the top of the sponge inside the filter.  There
>really is none in the tank itself so I am not overly concerned about it,


Yes, I'm sure that this is a cyanobacteria, but of course, there are many.
I see this in some of my tanks too.  It often collects on the lip of my
Aquaclear filters.  I suspect that you are right, that the post-biofilter
water is actually pretty oxygen poor.    I have never seen that this
particular type of cyanobacteria is any threat to the tank itself.  Not
only have I never seen it spread, but it is very different in color and
texture to the type I have occasionally seen _in_ my tanks.

I have a similar type in my paludarium which colonizes my waterfall (which
is also the outflow route from an Aquaclear)  This one is actually a deep
maroon color, similar to the "red slime algae" sometimes seen in marine
tanks.  Again, this on never spreads to the tank itself.  Another
interesting thing about this type on my waterfall is that it eventually
becomes a  growing medium for the Fontinalis which also grows on the
waterfall.  Not in the sronger flow areas, but along the edges, where it is
always damp, but there is very little actual water flow.  The cyanobacteria
will colonize an area first, then the Fontinalis will follow and overgrow
the cyanobacteria.  The Fontinalis does not grow into areas that have not
first been colonized by the cyanobacteria.  

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association