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The Fishroom, Ceomat, unanswered Q's

Roger wrote:

> David Wheeler once promoted weekly meetings in FishRoom for planted tank
> enthusiasts and several regular APDers (Dave Gomberg, David Webb, Liisa
> Sarakontu and Erik Olsen come to mind) attended those.  I recall that even
> George Booth occasionally graces the stage at FishRoom.

Ah, those were the days... Claus Cristiensen even hung out a few
times.  Also Earle Hamilton, Ed Tomlinson were regulars before the
APD.  I stopped by there a few months ago, curious if they were still
going on... nada.  These things come in waves, I guess...

George wrote:
> OK, I'm starting to feel bad about all the questions I never answered
> because I thought "someone else would do it".  I call for an open
> season on "Questions You Never Got Answered". Send'em in folks. I'll
> bet they get answered this time.  Be sure to mark them as "QYNGA" so
> we can give them priority.
> Perhaps we can collect them into a FAQ appendix "Frequently Asked
> Questions That Never Get Answered". No kidding.

I will watch for these too, since it's my goal to defeat the second half
of the phrase." :)

I sometimes wonder if I've missed some of these ('specially when I spend
so much time telling people to go look at the Krib), so I actually
bothered to do a Deja News search on the recent "Ceomat" request ("Does
anyone have any REAL data on this?").  Deja News, btw, is excellent for
finding this sort of thing, and makes me wish we were still posting the
APD to the newsgroup...just for the search capability.  Anyway, I was
amused: There were about two pages in their entire database (30-40
articles) that matched "Ceomat", and of them, maybe 1/2 or more were
marine folks who were buying them for their calcium reactors.  Of the
remaining 1/2, most were "I'm thinking of buying this system, but want to
know if it works", a couple were speculative "I don't think it works". One
message came from the guy at Marine Monsters, saying that a special filter
is needed for freshwater.  No direct experience.  No friend-of-a-friend
experience.  The closest has been the two messages in this digest left by
Wade Shimoda. 

  - Erik

Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq.com