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Unanswered questions, experience shared

Speaking of unanswered questions :-), am I the only one who doesn't
understand why the following was never discussed.  I thought it was
interesting and could only lamely guess at the correct answer.

>Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 16:40:14 -0400
>From: Ryan Murray <rmm at acpub_duke.edu>
>Subject: When to dose PMDD?
>Hi all-
>Does it make a difference at what time of day one doses PMDD or other
>oxidizable trace elements?  In other words, is morning dosing inferior
>because of 12 hourse exposure to bright light?  Do plants use more trace
>nutrients at night or during the day.  I suspect that since growth
>occurs at night this would be the optimum time for dosing.  Any thoughts
>would be much appreciated.

in glorious sunny,cool Vancouver
> I repeat that my huge SAEs (4 inches) never eat any plants and I have fine
>and soft leaved plants. 

Neither had my fat, 3-4 inch SAEs, until I put 7 of them in a new 125gal.
with a few other algae eaters and rather forgot how long it had been since
they'd been fed. I took a look at the log when I noticed that the Parrot's
Feather was pretty well stripped. Turns out it had been 41 days. I bet you
could get your SAEs to eat those fine and soft leaved plants if you just
tried hard enough.

Kim Bryant
smskahj at netacc_net
in snowy Rochester, NY