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RE: White stuff on bell

      This may be "marl".   As CO-2 is removed from equilibrium calcium
carbonate may precipitate, often on the surfaces of the plants which remove
the CO-2 from equilibrium.  In this case the plant may be some sort of
filamentous algae that has attached itself to the bell.
     I'm just sort of wondering out loud here.  I know this topic has been on
the list before, but I paid no attention then as my chemistry tolerance at
the time was much lower than it is now.  I'm currently enrolled in a
Limnology course (using Horne and Goldman as text) and I couldn't stop
thinking of this phenomenon while the professor was discussing marl.
                  Tony Thorpe

In a message dated 97-11-17 04:55:43 EST, you write:

<< >A very strange thing is happening with my yeast method and my Tetra CO2
 >bell. The problem is that a sort of strange white fur algae is covering my
 >large leaves of echinodorus and is starting I think from the membrane of
 >the reactor infact around the ring of the bell there is the same strange
 >think moved by the water circulation.