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RE: Hair algae

>Well, sometimes there is some funny editting in the magazines, but I can't
>find anywhere that I said that, and I'm not sure I believe it.  I do think
>this is sometimes true with green water, but I usually have a pretty good
>idea what has brought on a filamentous algae infestation, and what I need
>to do to get rid of it.  It _still_ requires patience, but I don't think
>they're particularly unpredictable.

Karen let me take a moment to clarify.  First I should have known better
then to paraphrase off the top of my head.  And also I should have known
better then to _mis_quote to most often misquoted person on the list:)  If
for no other reason you always catch it:):)  In an Aquarium Fish Magazine,
article titled Living With Algae; "It will often disappear spontaneously
when water conditions have been improved.  High Iron levels have also been
implicated in the proliferation of this algae."  You were talking about
Brush and Beard algae.  So in my brain fart I left out an all important
qualifier, once the water conditions are correct.  Sorry for that.  

>It is very important to keep after these dying leaves and remove them as
>soon as they show signs of deterioration.

Yes I have learned this, three strikes and I am out:)

Thanks for catching another Randall misquote:)  
Jeff Dietsch