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Re: MH light questions

I have MH light experience and initially looked at hydroponic
fixtures.  A few observations:

1. Hydroponic fixtures were cheaper than "aquarium" fixtures.  Duh!

1. Most of the hydroponic fixtures we looked at exhibited a loud 60 Hz
hum from the ballast when running.  I don't know if this was brand
specific or due to cheaper ballasts, but I wouldn't want one in my

2. The reflectors were smaller.  I suspect they are designed to
produce a particular (square?) light pattern when mounted 5-8' above
the plants, like in a green house. Aquarium fixtures should be (are?) 
designed to be used a foot or so above the water surface. 

3. Neither reflector exhibited any kind of sophisticated design
(parabolic or whatever). They look more like a design based on "the
easiest thing for the sheet metal shop to knock out in a hurry".

4. Aquarium designs are a bit more attractive than hydroponic designs.

George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at fii_com)
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