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MH light questions

I have several questions about MH lighting.  I read what I could find in
the archives but still have these questions.  I'm thinking of using them
over a 90 gal. tank.

1) Could anyone describe their success (or failure) with using MH lights
from a hydroponics supplier?

2) Or what about MH fixtures as used in warehouses, or even the smaller
ones used in retail spaces?

1a) and 2a)  Are either of the above available with a remote ballast so
that I don't have to hang the extra weight from the ceiling?

1b) and 2b)  Are there safety concerns with these non-aquarium fixtures
that I should be aware of?  (e.g., UV radiation, non-containment of
shattering lamps, etc.)

3) Which type of fixture would work best over an open top tank?  The
boxy type that usually come with a couple fluorescent tubes, or the
pendant type?

I'm particularly interested in learning whether or not the reflector
designs for non aquarium specific MH fixtures reflect light across a
narrower or wider area than aquarium specific MH fixtures.

3) What are the differences between the various brands of pendants?  Any
recommendations?  Hamilton advertises that they use a connector that is
stronger than the computer-type connectors used by others, but other
than that, they all look very similar to me.

4) Why do the aquarium MH fixtures use universal (vertical or horizontal
mounting) lamps rather than those specifically designed for one burning
position?  Is this just a way for the distributor to stock fewer lamps?

5) Are the ballasts for universal lamps different than those for
vertical or horiz. lamps?

6) The ads for the lamps don't indicate CRI.  Are they all the same, or
are some better than others?

7) Finally, are there any recommendations for how many (and what
wattage) MH's would be sufficient for our 90 gal.?  Is there a fixture
available that would allow me to use just one stronger lamp to provide
light across all 4' of the tank?

Thanks for all your help.

Wade Shimoda
Honolulu, HI