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Re: From Triton to Aquasuns

Ken Guin wrote:
> I will soon switch from 180 watts of Tritons to 320 watts of Aquasuns on
> 110g planted tank. Can anyone tell me what I can expect in regards to
> growth or algae problems?  I dose with PMDD, use DIY CO2, and do 50%
> changes weekly, and have the lights on 12 hours a day. I have swords,
> anubias, crypts, java ferns, etc.

IMHO, you can expect lots of problems!  Why switch?  Aquasuns are very
bright to start out and go "down hill" rapidly!  Save your money and don't
change.  If your above plants are not growing well now, just add some
aragonite powder, ground oyster shells or clam shells.