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Re: tank breakdown

> Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 15:00:16 -0400
> From: Kevin McCall <kmccall at pathcom_com>
> Hi, first time posting on the APD after following every thread of info
> that I posibly can on many plant topics. I have a 65 gal tank that I set
> up last Dec. after reading 'the optimum aquarium' and have a list of
> observations that the experts may read better than I with my limited
> experience.
> - -hard city water ph 7.0 tap (7.6-7.8 tank)
> - -I have not measured for high phosphates in my tap water but I am
> wondering if this is partly responsible- would an r/o unit be a wiser
> investment than canister co2 setup?

> From Toronto where it is starting to get too chilly for my liking

I can't comment on the rest (I'm a low-tech type), but Toronto water
is pretty good stuff, not particularly hard, and low in nitrates and
phosphates.  Here's an extract from what the waterworks sent me.  Maybe
this will help other people advise you.

	pH                              7.5
	Conductivity (umhos/cm)         316
	Total solids                    192
	Free CO2 (by calculation)         6.5
	Hardness expressed as CaCO3
	    Total                       131   (9.3 grains per Imperial gallon)
	    Carbonate                    81
	    Non-Carbonate                50
	Calcium  (Ca)                    40
	Chloride (Cl)                    26
	Magnesium (Mg)                    8.7
	Nitrate and Nitrite (N)           0.380
	Phosphate (P)                     0.008
	Potassium (K)                     1.5
	Silica (Si)                       1.1
	Sodium (Na)                      12
	Sulphate (SO4)                   32

While I'm at it, I interpret the above as a bit under 8GH, which is what
I get when I test it.  Can anyone determine the KH from this?