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Re: Huge Amazon sword

To: Aquatic Plants <Aquatic-Plants at ActWin_com>

Rhonda said: "The worst part is when you take it ("Huge Amazon sword") out, 
expect to pretty much trash your tank. The roots will more than likely have 
covered the bottem of the tank and also be wraped around with the roots of the 
other plants. I just pulled a really huge one out...."

I too have an oversize sword which I want to remove. I haven't done it yet for 
fear of exactly the problems Rhonda outlines: major disruption of the 
substrate (gravel over soil/laterite in my tank) and other plants. What I've 
considered is taking a sharp knife and cutting down into the substrate in a 
circle around the base of the sword, then removing the plug of soil and roots. 
Perhaps this would cause less of a problem? Any ideas for keeping the amount 
of mud generated to a minimum?

I'd welcome any suggestions!

Christine in Palo Alto, basking in the sunshine while waiting for El Nio