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Re: tank breakdown

Hi, first time posting on the APD after following every thread of info
that I posibly can on many plant topics. I have a 65 gal tank that I set
up last Dec. after reading 'the optimum aquarium' and have a list of
observations that the experts may read better than I with my limited

The Situation upon Startup:

-6 to 8 cm no. 2 gravel with the recommended amount of Terralit gravel
(a German prod. that was the only commercial additive that I could find
locally- does anyone have experience with this product?)
-80w blue/violet light (powerglo/aquaglo) 12 hrs day
-eheim canister/ surface extractor
-hard city water ph 7.0 tap (7.6-7.8 tank)
-tetra fertilizer as per instrucions
-moderate fish load (10 various a.eaters + var.)
-25% change bi-weekly


-all var. hygro would shed lower leaves and eventually liquify
-all var. swords show good growth although some leaves would show rot
from inside / out including the stems, with pruning (For algae) have
become quite small-but still send up many new leaves
-rotala showed continuously good growth requiring pruning and replanting
-val var. also show good growth / java fern extremely happy
-filamentious algae and red (beard) became a huge problem requireing
hours of plucking and picking


Added a co2 reactor (yeast) and tetra bells, but it seemed that the
water would not dissolve it fast enough even though bubble rate was only
1 per 3-4 seconds.

In desperation to control crazy filament growth added simazine (I know I
know, bad boy) which of course liquified the rotala, and rubin sword and
some vals. It did kill all the filaments, but it seems the small beards
attached to gravel have not gone, and new ones have appeared.

Here's the thing. I'm moving in a week and have to break the tank down
anyway. So here's the opportunity to take some corrective measures:

-I have followed the bleach debate, and frankly I like George's
suggestion of yest. to bleach plants, add new gravel etc.

-I wonder about adding duplarit to substrate (mail order) or will this
be too much as the Terralit is still there (or seive out Terralit

-Tropica mastergrow for certain!

-I have a medical oxygen regulator, with small tubing outlet, I am
toying with a canister co2 system - will this work?

-more light, less time?

-I have not measured for high phosphates in my tap water but I am
wondering if this is partly responsible- would an r/o unit be a wiser
investment than canister co2 setup?

I must apologise for the nasty length of this, I do not mean to hog the
list, but I felt that an in depth desription would assist in more
focused/accurate responses and need to get my plan of attack ready for
the nasty move.

Thanks in advance.


From Toronto where it is starting to get too chilly for my liking