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No Subject

Simone is going to give it one last try!  He wrote among other things:
>6.use the PMDD or the Tropica master grow<

I've used both fertilizers successfully, but found PMDD considerably
more difficult to manage.  My guess as to why that was is the greater
iron content of PMDD (only a guess).  If I were down to my last try, I
would definitely go with Tropica.  I've also found that it's somewhat
forgiving as to dosage.  A little extra or a little less has not
resulted in any disasters (at least for my tap water).

Why don't you tell us everything you know about your water in as much
detail as you can.  In particular, how hard is your tap water (GH) and
what is the ratio of Calcium to Magnesium; how much alkalinity does it
have (KH); and especially, are there any nutrients in the water, such as
phosphate, nitrate, etc.?  If you don't know much about your water, you
better go find out--because many of the strategies for success are
dependent upon initial water conditions.

Give some thought to George's comment to Macon last week.  Find an
advisor and stick with their recommendations "exactly" until you're a
basic "proven" aquatic gardener.  Then you can wander off on your own
experimenting with this and that.  Once you've selected one of the basic
methods perhaps someone on the list will volunteer to help you, step by

Best of luck, Steve Dixon