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Water Movement

Help!  I have just enetered the world of the plant tank and am having good
success.  I see my plants producing O2 and the plants are sending up new
shoots - good signs.  I am running a Fluval 403 canister filter with the
outlet sending the water down at a 135 angel from zero and there is no
surface water movement (water level is above spray bar).  From what I have
read this is a good thing as it reduces large amounts of CO2 from escaping
the tank.  The problem is that the surface has a proteinaceous layer that
appears oily and foamy.  Thus I have two questions: 1. Should I increase
surface movement to move this junk into the water, and ultimately, into the
filter and how should I do this; i.e., lower the water level to allow the
spray bar to move the water or purchase a powerhead.  2.  Are there any
other possibilities/cures that I am not thinking of that anyone can suggest
to me. I have considered a protein skimmer but I do not feel that this
expense is necessary.  Thanks!  I have just recently found this e-mail
service and am finding the information to be very, very useful.

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