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I spent the afternoon taking down my tub pond this 
afternoon, and instead of the depressing job I envisioned, 
it was full of surprises.  The trio of Sunburst Platies 
that I put in the spring had turned into about 30, but I 
suppose that's not such a surprise.  

What was a surprise is that I also found 2 young Siamese 
Algae Eaters.  Since I had never put any fish other than 
the Platies into the tank, I can only assume they were 
introduced as eggs in plants that I moved from my tanks.  

I also found another species of fish, and I'm not sure what
it is.  It doesn't look like anything I keep in my tanks,
but I also bought plants from Paradise Water Gardens, so I
suppose eggs could have hitch-hiked from there too.  It
looks Cichlid-ish, with vertical bars.  Could it be a baby
Sunfish?  I thought they laid their eggs in sand pits, not
plant leaves.  Any other guesses?

The next surprise was that one of the plant pots was 
absolutely _full_ of Glossostigma, a plant that I did not 
intentionally introduce to the system.  Finally, The Rotala
macrandra which I _did_ put in the pond is covered with
flower buds! Now the problem is that I want to see the
flowers open, and I'm afraid frost will get them if I leave
them outside.  OTOH, I suspect I will lose the blooms if
they don't get the sun they need.  So for now, I'll leave
them in a bucket, and move them into the barn at night, and
put them outside during the day.  If they open, I'll see if
I can upload a  photo.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association