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Unlucky aquarium

Ciao Simone,

>3.I have only a fluorescent bulb from Dennerle (Trocal 18 watt). I keep it
>on for 9 hours a day.

You need more light on for 12 hours a day.

>6.I have a Bio Filter wich runs at 30 gph and a reverse flow undergravel
>filter wich runs at 1/6 gph.

Lots of filtration -- probably too much but you don't say what kind of fish
you keep. Is there carbon in the bio filter? If so, remove it as it will
take nutrients that the plants need out of the water.

>7.The gravel is a medium size quartz gravel and there is Dupla laterite in

I shouldn't think the laterite goes well with a reverse undergravel filter.

>8.The aquarium was set up 9 months ago.

It is very new so do not be discouraged.

... why CO2 injection does not help, why the Undergravel is not giving
>any good results, and wich my mistakes are.

Without good light the CO2 injection will not help. I think the first thing
you should do is increase your light. Then think about turning off the
undergravel filter and remove any carbon from the bio filter.

To increase the light you may have to build your own light hood. That's one
of the hard things about growing aquatic plants. It is difficult to find
adequate lighting systems you can buy.

in Vancouver, B.C.  Canada
Hoping to visit Italy next May