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Unlucky aquarium

Hi there,
            I'm trying to understand the best way to have good plants in my
aquarium and these are some little points I'd like you to know:
1.I have a 20g tank with some echinodorus, cabomba, amazons and other
plants wich I'm trying to cultivate. 
2.I'm keeping the hardness at KH 50 p.p.m., GH 60 p.p.m.,  the PH is 7-7.5
NO3 is 5 p.p.m., water temperature is about 27 C, I'm injecting CO2 and
its value is 15 p.p.m., I'm fertilizing only with chelated iron.
3.I have only a fluorescent bulb from Dennerle (Trocal 18 watt). I keep it
on for 9 hours a day.
4.My plants don't have a good grow rate at all.
5.I was searching for a good type of fertilization and I saw Dennerle
products and Dupla products, but it's not a cheap solution so I was
searching somewhere else. Maybe a product for plants wich can be added to
water colud be the good solution. 
I have a liquid fertilizer wich can be added to water and than given to
plants its chemical composition is this: N 4%, P2O5 6%, K2O 6%.
6.I have a Bio Filter wich runs at 30 gph and a reverse flow undergravel
filter wich runs at 1/6 gph.
7.The gravel is a medium size quartz gravel and there is Dupla laterite in
8.The aquarium was set up 9 months ago.  
Now that you know everything I'm trying to understand why my plants are not
growing, why CO2 injection does not help, why the Undergravel is not giving
any good results, and wich my mistakes are.

I hope you can help me 
You have a lot of experience so maybe you know what I'm doing wrong 
Thank you very much in advance
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)