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Re: dupla cables

On Thu, 9 Oct 1997 Don <dhutton at omnipoint_com> wrote:
> Neil wrote:
> >>>Ohms law says: P(ower in watts)=E(volts) x I(current) so a 250W cable at
> 42 volts draws 5.95 amps of current. Driven by a 24 volt transformer the
> same cable would draw 10.42 amps.<<<
> I don't think this is quite correct.
> A 42 volt 250 watt cable has a resistance of 7 ohms.
> This cable would draw 3.4 amps of current from a 24 volt source.
> The power consumed would be 82 watts.
> For a given resistance, the power consumed is proportional to the square of
> the applied voltage.  Therefore it's important to apply the rated voltage
> if you want to get close to the rated power.  Higher voltages are
> definitely a bad idea.

I am so embarrased! :-O You are of course absolutely correct. I forgot
to solve
the other equation, and work backwards. Too many late nights reading
My apologies for any confusion I may have caused. I now return you to
regularly scheduled APD. 

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