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Observations for comment

Just thought I'd share some interesting observations...  Feel free to
comment if you wish.

I moved, not too long ago to a new apartment, which is about 4-5 miles
from the old one.  In my new place, my nitrates are higher in the tank. 
I always had to add KNO3, and no K2SO4 (now it's the other way around). 
Possible sources:  I get a slight reading from the tap, Less plants
currently in the tank, new moderate fish load.  Interestingly though,
the rest of the water perameters are the same as the old place, except
the pH is now about 7.5-7.6 out of the tap, when it used to be 7.0 at
the old place.  So a short distance can make a difference in water

I purchased some cherry barbs (got the rosey barb mixed with the cherry
barb when I was purchasing at the store), and to my suprise, they are
picking (very slowly) at some algae I have.  Though they have a lower
appetite for it, they do seem to nibble on it now and then.

The rummynose I have, have chosen to form this weird relationship with
the new cherry barbs.  Every now and then, a rummynose will pick out a
cherry barb and swim underneath it as though it were attached by some
short invisible thread.  They really stick together!  I've seen them
swim like this for 20 minutes or so.  Eventually, something will break
up the pair.  Very odd, as more than one will pair at the same time. 
This is what I'm most curious to hear comments on.

One last comment.  I inject my CO2 into my cannister filter intake
(Magnum 350).  The cannister water level changes on a cycle (seemingly),
day to night.  It tends to be less filled with water in the mornings,
and more filled at night (if I remember right... I haven't payed too
much attention to it).  Any ideas here?  Possibly higher CO2 levels
causing an increased saturation, and with the advanced churning in the
filter, the CO2 comes out?  Possibly the CO2 isn't mixing well, and just
fills up in the cannister filter?

Just tossing things out to bounce around.


pearlsco at u_washington.edu