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Re: dupla cables

Neil wrote:

>>>Ohms law says: P(ower in watts)=E(volts) x I(current) so a 250W cable at
42 volts draws 5.95 amps of current. Driven by a 24 volt transformer the
same cable would draw 10.42 amps.<<<

I don't think this is quite correct.

A 42 volt 250 watt cable has a resistance of 7 ohms.

This cable would draw 3.4 amps of current from a 24 volt source.

The power consumed would be 82 watts.

For a given resistance, the power consumed is proportional to the square of
the applied voltage.  Therefore it's important to apply the rated voltage
if you want to get close to the rated power.  Higher voltages are
definitely a bad idea.