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Re: Lighting in my hood

Jeremy <adamsjer at ucs_orst.edu> said,

>Where is the ballast in the cheapo shop lights? Also If I use t-8's that
>are 30 watts I will need a lot of lights for my tanks. I have a 140
>gallon and if I use 2 (is that even enough) watts per gallon that would
>mean that I need [140x2]/30=9.33 t-8 bulbs. Im not sure I can fit more
>than 6 (3 pair) lights under the hood. Maybe 4 pair. That would also
>mean that I would need 3 ballasts (maybe 4). Those things are BIG. How
>do other people overcome lights on big tanks. My tank is 72 inches long
>and 19 deep. If I put 3 pair I could fit them like this in the hood
>	________
>	  ________
>	    ________
>If I did 4 pair I could fit them like this
>	________
>	    ________
>	________
>	    ________
The ballast in cheap shop lights in inside the fixture. It is a tar, copper
and iron ballast, requires a starter, and will light bulbs of one length

Grainger http://www.grainger.com sells several T-8 electronic ballasts. You
can buy both four lamp and three lamp units for about $40.00. The unit I
have will light any lenght t-8 up to four feet.


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