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Re: PMDD Current source of materials

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>    I am a litle confused.  You say about Homegorwn that "I have chosed not
>to use thier CTEM for the reason above." And I really can not fid the
>reason.  You again say that "Since I am trying to stick with the original
>Recipe", and I can not find a difference between the "original Recipe" and
>the Home Grown recipe I am further confused.  I am in the US and I use the
>Homegrows products as I could not find a US supplier of comprable products.
>I ahd a hard time finding a product with a low enough copper content.  I
>guess I am just wondering what you found wrong with the Home Grown product
>line.  I mean, I am not really looking for justification as Sears and
>Collins have repeatedly said the exact no. do not matter.  I am just
>wondering what your concern was for the Home Grown products as it may have
>been something I missed.

Hi  Jeff,
I have had a couple of messages regarding this and i have tried explain my
reasoning. Their CTEM is slightly different than the original CSM, ( see
below), and being the kind of person i am, i wanted to follow thier
original recipe to exactly, using the Plantex CSM. As you say the exact
numbers do not matter, and if i could not have found a source for the
plantex CSM i probably would have gone with the  homegrown as they have
everything else. When i run out, ;) I could be tempted to try the homegrown
CTEM. The reply i have sent to someone else who asked for my reasoning

Hope i have not confused everyone. Going by what they told me at Plant
products,I assumed that no one in Canada would have the exact  formula (of
the plantex CSM), available from them. I t could be that the Home Grown is
the same but they don't have Mg listed. I am going to call them to find out
if this is a mistake or if it really does contain Mg and how much. I will
let you know. If it turns out that it does have about 1.5 % Mg then it will
only be the Mo which is different ( Regular CSM has .05% and Homegrown has
1.3%, and the Canadian plant products version has .06 %.) I don't know how
much of a factor this is, but since i am new to this i wanted to keep it as
close as possible to the original. Hope this helps.

Christopher Carrigan
Arras, B.C.  V0C 1B0

carrigan at pris_bc.ca