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Re: PMDD Current source of materials

Hey Christopher,
    I am a litle confused.  You say about Homegorwn that "I have chosed not
to use thier CTEM for the reason above." And I really can not fid the
reason.  You again say that "Since I am trying to stick with the original
Recipe", and I can not find a difference between the "original Recipe" and
the Home Grown recipe I am further confused.  I am in the US and I use the
Homegrows products as I could not find a US supplier of comprable products.
 I ahd a hard time finding a product with a low enough copper content.  I
guess I am just wondering what you found wrong with the Home Grown product
line.  I mean, I am not really looking for justification as Sears and
Collins have repeatedly said the exact no. do not matter.  I am just
wondering what your concern was for the Home Grown products as it may have
been something I missed.