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Re: Laterite, etc

Ryan Murray wrote:
> thanks for your response re:laterite, et al.  Could you give
> me the reference for the TAG article you mentioned and also 
> where I might find back issues of this publication.

I'm glad you asked that.

Aquatic Gardeners Association

   Purpose of the AGA:
    1. to disseminate information about aquatic plants
    2. to study and improve upon techniques for culturing aquatic and
       plants in aquariums and ponds.
    3. to increase interest in aquatic gardening
    4. to promote fellowship among its members.
   The journal of the AGA is called _The Aquatic Gardener_ and we put
   6 of these a year. The publication is usually 25-30 pages long and
   contains good info. Membership dues are $15.00yr, U.S./Canada/Mexico
   and $28.00/yr, all other countries.
   Send check, money order, VISA or MasterCard information to
   Dorothy Reimer (Membership)<dorothy.reimer at onlinesys_com>
   83 Cathcart St.
   London, Ontario

   For further information visit the AGA home page:


   (All funds must be in U.S. Currency, checks payable to "AGA")

   We do NOT recommend sending credit card information via internet.

   Back Issue Sales

   $3.00 - $5.00 each (depending on issue, see AGA home page)
   overseas add $2.00 each copy (airmail) or $2.00 for each 12 copies
   by surface mail.

   Send check, money order or VISA information to:

   Diana Walstad
   2303 Mt. Sinai Road
   Chapel Hill, NC  27514 USA
   AGA is a non-profit organization.