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Re: Podostemaceae etc.

Your plant would not be a species of the genus Podostemum unless it was 
found in fast running water. You can see pictures in (surprise, 
surprise!); A Manual of Aquatic Plants by N. C. Fassett. They are on p. 
239 of the hardcover edition (though I notice the latest incarnation is 
softcover so page numbers may vary).

Gas solubility;

The solubility of gases in liquid decreases with increasing temperature.


One of my favorite topics. The two papers by Barko are excellent reading. 
The species that have been studied the most are nuisance NA aquatic 
plants. They are different from tropical species in that they are mostly 
bicarbonate users ... I always grew my plants in the lab at pH 7.8 to 
8.0. Barko advocates the use of CO2 when trying to grow species that 
cannot use bicarbonate (or when trying to dissolve calcium carbonate). If 
you have added a powerhead and the growth doesnt pick up (be patient), 
then it may be time (shudder) to try CO2 ... Ive never needed it and dont 
think its the place to start but the place to end after all else fails.

One point that hasnt been mentioned re sediments is the fact that in time 
they will become noticeably less fertile. This is something that should 
be considered when setting up a tank. Karen's idea of potting up heavy 
feeders is one solution ... heating coils ala Duplo (sic) is another... 
clay balls etc. etc.