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Hi Kelvin, Low Lumens

There has been lots of interest in high Kelvin lamps here. I just want to
give a heads-up that lamps high in Kelvin color rating may be low in lumen
output and CRI (color rendering index). For many lamps, that is a
trade-off. The lumen drop can be as much as 30%, so if you switch to high
Kelvin lamps in a four-lamp fixture, you may very well be losing an entire
lamp's worth of light output.

The ones that require an electronic ballast do not seem to have this
Kelvin/lumen trade-off. But even among them, high Kelvins often mean low
CRI. So check not only for Kelvin when you buy a lamp.

Now off to Grainger. Only a few days left in their big GE sale on lighting

Greg. Tong
gtong at sirius_com

"Often, the things that change are less interesting than those that stay
the same."--Aaron Fleisher