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Algae and Anubias

Juan Berrocal wrote:

>I have a problem with my anubias covered in a hard black algae
>impossible to scrub. I canīt get it off.
>I have tried putting the plant in water with vinegar but it did not
>help. New leaves are coming perfect but the ugly vision of the old black
>leaves is unbearable. Does anyone have the same problem?
>Have someone found a solution?

Juan, I had the same problem with swords and anubia. I added some plecos
which completely cleaned the plants of ALL algae. However, I have seen
where they have also been nibbling at the anubia leaves, but I will take
that over the cursed algae.  I have since increased the number of hours the
lights are on by two hours a day in hopes of producting more algae to feed
the plecos. I am sure that will also help the plant growth too.

If you have discus, I would not recommend the plecos.

BTW, anyone having an idea of which, if any, cichlides can be kept with
plants, I would appreiciate it.


Ken Guin
Kenguin at erols_com