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Re: Hillstream loaches

Thanks Walter. My fish are gastromyzons, which were discussed here the
other day, I don't know which of the two kinds I have. I suspect I am
witnessing a territorial display. They have been a lot more visible and
active since the third loach was added. The bleached patterns are mostly
on one fish, and are symetrical. Of the other two, one has a slight
bleaching around the very edge of his side fin, the newest one looks
normal. The biggest of the three is the most "bleached." I am willing to
bet this is territorial, but would love to know if anyone else has seen
something similar?

Also, the crypts in my new tiny tank are melting :( already. The water
is turning green and soupy, which I suspect is all the organic matter.
I'm changing some every day, but how long does this "melting" take and
when do the leaves start to grow back? In a five gallon, this is making
things really icky.