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tank repair

Jean Olson mentioned using rubbing alcohol to clean the glass before 
applying silicone sealer.  If you want to minimize what's left on the glass 
after cleaning, you may want to consider using what's labeled as 'isopropyl 
alcohol' instead.  If you check the ingredients list, rubbing alcohol 
usually contains additional ingredients such as 'fragrance' and other things 
to help make your skin 'nice'.  That's why it's called _rubbing_ alcohol. 
 If you want to go even further, get some 190 or 200 proof alcohol from 
someone who works in a lab (or I guess a liquor store?).

Thanks to all who contribute to this digest.  I get so much info from you, 
so I hope my contribution is helpful to someone else.

Wade Shimoda
Honolulu, HI
wshimoda at hei_com