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Re: Algae Scrubber filters

Bob Dixon <IDMiamiBob at aol_com> wrote:

>     I am thinking of trying an algae scrubber filter in my 30 gallon tank.

While I was aware of the controversy surrounding algae scrubbers, I'm a
bit of a tinkerer and thought I'd try it myself anyway and attempt to
overcome the disadvantages of algae scrubbers.

Perhaps it can be done, but I haven't been able to accomplish much.

What basically seems to happen is that the scrubber provides a nice
breeding area for algae, a launching pad from which to overwhelm the
rest of the tank.

> I am using Flourish, at the recommendation of one of the local
> shopkeepers, and if that doesn't cut it I will experiment with lighting, CO2,
> or something, until I reach the minimum level of <technology> necessary to
> achieve success.

Substrate and lighting are both especially important.  Algae will also
kill you if phosphates are too high, which can come either from the tap
or from things you add to the water like pH neutralizers and such.

Richard Masoner, in sunny and mild Champaign Illinois USA