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Re: Algae Scrubber filters

Richard Masoner wrote Mon, Sept 22:

>...What basically seems to happen is that the scrubber provides a nice
>breeding area for algae, a launching pad from which to overwhelm the
>rest of the tank....

If the purpose of the algae scrubber is primarily to remove nutrients from
the water, then using large emersed plants with their roots in the water
would be much better than using algae.  Any kind of rapidly growing plant
whose roots can be submerged would be ideal.  By being emersed, they have
access to atmospheric CO2 and, given good light will grow rapidly.
Ceratopteris would be good.  The water from the fish tanks could be
circulated through a shallow, well lit tank with these plants. Excess
plants can be removed. I blieve I saw an article in Fish magazine about 6
or 7 months ago that described a setup like that.  I think the author used
Spathiphyllum (unsure of spelling).

Paul Krombholz in muggy Jackson, Mississippi where rain is hovering just
over the border in Louisiana.