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Snails and Solenoids

> Snail experts -- what's the word on Ramshorns?

I'm definitely not a snail expert, but...I have seen two distinctly
different kinds of snails identified as Ramshorns. The ones for sale,
around my area, are usually the large plant eating variety. The smaller
(and more valuable to us) ones are treated as a nuisance. Pet store
folks don't distinguish them from pond snails.

> If they were 1.5" they weren't ramshorns, rams rarely exceed .5"

I would agree with this. They are prolific though, and can become quite
numerous in a short time. Even in large numbers, they don't seem to hurt
my plants.

> I have a Sandpoint solenoid that works great.
>  I use a timer to turn the CO2 on when the lights go on and turn an air
> stone on when the lights are out.
> Does anyone know where these or similar solenoids can be bought at a
> reasonable price??

Most mechanical, and maybe most plumbing supply houses, sell solenoids.
They may look a bit bigger than the Sandpoint model, but they will still
do the job.

Good luck, Pat Bowerman