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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #950

> > yesterday I picked up three large (1.5 inch) 
> >ramshorn snails to see if they would help a bit. 
> If they were 1.5" they weren't ramshorns, rams rarely exceed .5"

The Lebanon Pet & Aquarium in Lebanon, NH has "Ramshorn snails" for sale
in their tanks that are atleast 1.5" across. Perhaps they are not ramshorn
snails but they look just like the photos I've seen in books and they call
them ramshorn and they are _big_. LP&A is a very nice aquarium store (atleast
50% fish and a _lot_ of tanks setup both freshwater and marine).

It may well be that there is more than one snail with the common name of
ramshorn as happens with common names.