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Re: Plant eating ramshorns

in V2 #949, Frank writes:
>I've got a bit of an algae problem in one of my tanks, so yesterday I
>picked up three large (1.5 inch)  ramshorn snails to see if they would help
>a bit.  Despite an abundance of algae, they chewed into my plants with a
>speed I found quite astounding.  One 4" by 1/2" leaf became a 4" by 1/4"
>leaf in about 20 seconds as I watched a single snail travel down it.

>They went back to the store this morning.

There are different species of ramshorn snails.  The instant I saw 1 1/2", I
knew where the rest of the posting was headed.  The large brown and white
stripes ramshorns are commonly refered to as Columbian Ramshorns, and they
will destroy a planted tank faster than you can get them out  of there.  The
ramshorns that are useful for algae control in planted tanks areVenezualan
ramshorns.  I have never seen one reach 3/4 ".  They have reddish bodies, and
until the acidity of my South American cichlid tanks etches their shells,
they are also quite an attractive transparent reddish-rusty color.  I had
noticed this string the last couple days talking about ramshorns without
specifying which ones.  Make a note folks, let's be careful about proper
Bob Dixon