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Ramshorn snails

Jessica wrote:

... As for snails, I've been avoiding those because
>I've heard they can easily take over your tank.

They could but one can pick them out and give them to folks who need them
or to the fish store when they get big. They're pretty good about only
eating algae unless there are too many big ones. Some people have been
surprised that my goldfish don't eat them .. but they don't, unless they
eat little tiny ones that I have not noticed.

I don't know if you could send any to me or not, I live in
>California. What do you think? If they haven't been a problem for you,
>I'd love to get some! Also, so far my anubias are doing well, except for
>the algae, and have put out several new leaves. They're so lovely and
>green at first, it's horrible to watch them get covered in black gunk.

I'm pretty sure the snails would clean this off. They cleaned up my Java
Fern a real treat! If you can't find any where you are or they want to
charge you a lot for snails let me know and I may be able to get you some.
Anyone there in California with Ramshorn snails that Jessica could try?

in Vancouver