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Goldfish and plants

 Le Minh Duy Tran wrote:

>All the posting about goldfish, made me want some.  I have been wanting
>to put some in a 20-gal that I already have established.  The plants in
>there are anubias, java fern, a crypt (unknown sp. but it is small) and a
>aponegeton (sp. unknown too, but a while back it sent up a white flower
>spike).  I was otld that goldfish will not eat the java or anubias.  But
>will they touch (I guess munch on) the crypt and apono?

Greg will probably reply to this. Goldfish are undoubtedly hard on plants.
Mine eat on the CT and the Elodea (I forgot I had this in there too). They
tug on the Java Fern some times and occasionally uproot the val. They don't
seem to actually eat the Java Fern, or twisted val and I'm sure they
wouldn't eat Anubias though new leaves and flowers might get eaten. I think
they would likely tear up the crypt if it is a soft leaved variety and the
apono even if they didn't eat them but I haven't tried these plants.

I presume you know you shouldn't have more than 2 in a 20 gallon, that they
produce lots of waste and therefore require heavy filtration, live in cold
water and should not be combined with tropical fish.

in Vancouver