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Hornwort was Plants in Toronto

Thanks Dennis for the info.  I picked up some plants at a garden centre for
ponds, hornwort, salvinia and aloza.

Is there any way to anchor the hornwort?  Maybe tie it to a rock?

At 03:48 AM 9/8/97 -0400, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:
>Depending on where you are in To, Aquarium Services has a fairly good
>selection of plants.  I was just at their Steeles Ave. branch today and saw
>some Java Ferns and Anubias. These are fairly pricey for gf food though.
>Alternatively, you can mail order from a CANADIAN Mail order place (Can you
>believe it?). I cant remember what their website or phone number is off the
>top of my head but if youd like to email me, I'll let you know.  
Al Paglieri
Toronto, Ontario
43"39'N  79"23'W